2 Year Limited Warranty

Rocket International, Inc., warrants each trailer manufactured by same to the original consumer-purchaser only, excluding all equipment and accessories not manufactured by Rocket International, Inc. to be free from defect in materials and workmanship manufactured by Rocket- International, Inc., only, for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase by the original consumer-purchaser, only. To be eligible, consumer-purchaser must complete and send a warranty card to Rocket International, Inc., within 30 days after the purchase of the trailer.

Rocket International, Inc., in the event of defect, malfunction, or failure of the trailer to conform with this written warranty, shall repair or cause to be repaired, with labor and materials free of charge, all items in warranty when the original consumer-purchaser notifies Rocket International, Inc., or the authorized dealer from which the trailer was purchased, either in writing, personally, or by telephone. The original consumer-purchaser must first obtain two written estimates for any work by any outside company other than viagra online reviews work by Rocket International, Inc., or one of its authorized dealers for approval. All freight and transportation charges to and from Rocket International, Inc., and or the authorized dealer from which the trailer was purchased shall be the sole responsibility of the original consumer-purchaser requesting warranty repair.

This warranty is expressly in lieu of any other expressed warranty, and all other obligations or liabilities on the part of Rocket International, Inc. This is a Limited Warranty and does not apply to:

  1. Equipment or Accessories under separate warranty by their respective manufacturers.
    2. Damage sustained by improper use.
    3. Overloading: exceeding limit specified by manufacturers.
    4. Accident.
    5. Negligence in use.
    6. Use for rental or lease.
    7. Any-additions or changes to basic structure.
    8. Normal maintenance services.
    9. Chrome, anodized, or plated parts or surfaces.
    10. Demonstrators.
    11. Bearings.

A Partial List of items furnished by other manufacturers is shown below:
(These items are covered under their respective Manufacturer’s Warranties.)

1. Hubs 9. Wheels
2. Bearings 10. Lights
3. Seals 11. Wiring
4. Jacks 12. Coupler
5. Winches 13. Springs
6. Ropes, straps, cables 14. Wood & Carpet
7. Tires8. Rollers 15. Brakes & Components